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Pen gesture interfaces have difficulty supporting arbitrary multiple-stroke selections because lifting the pen introduces ambiguity as to whether the next stroke should add to the existing selection, or begin a new one. We explore and evaluate techniques that use a non-preferred-hand button or touchpad to phrase together one or more independent pen strokes(More)
Traditional graphical user interfaces have been designed with the desktop mouse in mind, a device well characterized by Fitts' law. Yet in recent years, hand-held devices and tablet personal computers using a pen (or fingers) as the primary mean of interaction have become more and more popular. These new interaction modalities have pushed the traditional(More)
We introduce CaseCluster, a visualization tool to explore case references between supreme court cases. The interface is based on the InfoVis principle of overview, zoom & filter and details on demand. The tool works in two steps: First, an initial reference-dependent-similarity based clustering and visualization is created, second a user controlled(More)