Geordie Williamson

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Single event effect (SEE) testing was performed on the Samsung and Spansion 4 Gb NAND flash devices. Testing was performed up to LET = 41 MeV cm2/mg. The parts were characterized for a variety of SEE. Testing and analysis showed that MBU became more prevalent at higher LET values.
Given a stratified variety X with strata satisfying a cohomological parity-vanishing condition, we define and show the uniqueness of “parity sheaves”, which are objects in the constructible derived category of sheaves with coefficients in an arbitrary field or complete discrete valuation ring. If X admits a resolution also satisfying a parity condition,(More)
or perhaps with the face of our mother or father. We quickly learn to identify the axis of symmetry and know intuitively that an object is symmetric if it “the same” on both sides of this axis. In mathematics symmetry is abundant and takes many forms. Symmetry like that of the butterfly or a face is referred to as reflexive symmetry. Any line in the plane(More)