Geon-Hyoung Lee

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The planktonic ciliate Strombidinopsis jeokjo n. sp. is described from Quantitative Protargol-Stained (QPS) preparations, and the sequence of the small subunit rDNA (SSU rDNA) from cultured cells is reported. This species is ovoid and bluntly tapered towards the posterior. The ranges (and mean +/- standard deviation, n = 31) of cell length, cell width, and(More)
The growth stimulation of wild plants by several bacterial species showing plant growth-promoting capabilities was examined in a barren lakeside area at Lake Paro, Korea. Microbial numbers and activities in the field soil were monitored for 73 days after inoculation of the bacteria. The acridine orange direct counts for the total soil bacterial populations(More)
Growth promotion of wild plants by some plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) was examined in the microcosms composed of soils collected separately from a grass-covered site and a nongrass-covered site in a lakeside barren area at Lake Paro, Korea. After sowing the seeds of eight kinds of wild plants and inoculation of several strains of PGPR, the(More)
A Gram-stain-positive, motile, endospore-forming, and strictly aerobic rod-shaped bacterium designated DS80T was isolated from an island soil. The strain DS80T grew at temperatures between 15 and 40°C (optimum = 30°C) and at pH values ranging from 5.0 to 9.0 (optimum = 7.0). The phylogenetic analysis based on the comparisons of the 16S rRNA gene sequences(More)
Biogeochemical and microbiological characterization of marine sediments taken from the Yellow Sea of South Korea was carried out. One hundred and thirty six bacterial strains were isolated, characterized and phylogenetic relationship was evaluated. The gene sequences of 16S rDNA regions were examined to study the phylogenetic analysis of bacterial community(More)
The activation of autophagic pathway by alkaline stress was investigated. Various types of mammalian cells were subjected to alkaline stress by incubation in bicarbonate buffered media in humidified air containing atmospheric 0.04% CO(2) . The induction of autophagy following alkaline stress was evaluated by assessing the conversion of cytosolic LC3-I into(More)
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