Geon Ho Choe

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In the gambler’s ruin algorithm on the cyclic group Zn 1⁄4 f0; 1; . . . ; n 1g we consider arrival time at 0 starting from a fixed point x 5 0 and use several versions of arrival time algorithm to test pseudorandom number generators. This kind of test based on the exact probability density for a random walk on a finite group is done for the first time. The(More)
The energy received by solar collectors for power generation is limited to various conditions. The average data on solar irradiation are normally used to determine the potential of solar energy at any location. However, the variation of solar energy due to seasonal differences could affect the actual performance of the collectors, consequently leading to(More)
The effects of seedlayer (SL) and preheating on the crystallographic, magnetic, and recording properties of CoCr18Pt16B4 granular perpendicular magnetic media have been investigated. For the media with Ru as underlayer, although higher preheating improves both coercivity and squareness, the media is much noisier. With introducing Ta SL, Ru (0002)/Co (0002)(More)
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