Geoffroy Noël

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Astrocyte endfeet surrounding blood vessels are active domains involved in water and potassium ion transport crucial to the maintenance of water and potassium ion homeostasis in brain. A growing body of evidence points to a role for dystroglycan and its interaction with perivascular laminin in the targeting of the dystrophin complex and the water-permeable(More)
Modulation of death is a pathogen strategy to establish residence and promote survival in host cells and tissues. Shigella spp. are human pathogens that invade colonic mucosa, where they provoke lesions caused by their ability to manipulate the host cell responses. Shigella spp. induce various types of cell death in different cell populations. However, they(More)
BACKGROUND Aquaporin-4 (AQP4) constitutes the principal water channel in the brain and is clustered at the perivascular astrocyte endfeet. This specific distribution of AQP4 plays a major role in maintaining water homeostasis in the brain. A growing body of evidence points to a role of the dystroglycan complex and its interaction with perivascular laminin(More)
Several recent studies have shown that neuroligin 2 (NL2), a component of the cell adhesion neurexins-neuroligins complex, is localized postsynaptically at hippocampal and other inhibitory synapses throughout the brain. Other studies have shown that components of the dystroglycan complex are also localized at a subset of inhibitory synapses and are(More)
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