Geoffroy Gueguen

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This talk deals with Android’s bytecode analysis. The Android system is now widespread, and lots of applications are developed each days. These applications are mostly written in Java, though it is possible to do calls to binaries or shared libraries. To be executed on the DVM the Java source code is translated into Java bytecode (.class files) and then a(More)
interpreter is able to recover easily most of the control flow information. 1.3. Parallel Control Flow Flattening (PCFF) To overcome this limitation, we propose the following key idea: to fork each basic block as independent processes (figure 2). The main process enters a debugging loop after having created its child processes. When it receives a signal(More)
Mycetoma remains a common pathology in tropical areas. Diagnosis, based on mycology and pathology is still frequently late and treatment often leaves severe functional disorders. Medical imaging is indispensable to evaluate disease spread to bone tissue. Plain radiograms usually show cortical erosion, defects with sclerosing margins, and bone thickening. CT(More)
Hydatid disease is the most common human disease caused by helminths, but primary skeletal involvement is uncommon. Diagnosis is usually obtained late after considerable extension, half of which concerns the spine. The dissemination mode leads to local malignancy with severe prognosis. Medical imaging is essential. Plain x-ray findings are polymorphous and(More)
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