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Cultural Techniques: Preliminary Remarks
These introductory remarks outline the German concept of Kulturtechniken (cultural techniques) by tracing its various overlapping meanings from the late 19th century to today and linking it toExpand
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Files: Law and Media Technology
@fmct:Contents @toc4:Translator's Note iii Preface: Off the Record iii @toc2:Chapter 1: Law's Writing Lessons 000 Chapter 2: From Translating to Legislating 000 Chapter 3: From Documents to RecordsExpand
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The Kultur of Cultural Techniques: Conceptual Inertia and the Parasitic Materialities of Ontologization
This article offers an introduction to the German concept of Kulturtechniken (cultural techniques), with a special focus on the term’s multilayered semantic career, as well as on the way old notionsExpand
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Real Time Analysis, Time Axis Manipulation
This essay traces the advances in time axis manipulation brought about by the media switches from symbolic mediation (alphabet) to analogue recording (phonography and cinematography) and digital processing (computers). Expand
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Kittler and the media
Introduction. Chapter I Background-Biography and Beyond. Chapter II Discourse Analysis. Chapter III Media Theory. Chapter IV Greek Cultural Techniques. Chapter V Controversial Achievements. FurtherExpand
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Memories of the Nile: Egyptian Traumas and Communication Technologies in Jan Assmann's Theory of Cultural Memory
In the 1990s, the Egyptologist Jan Assmann emerged as the most important contributor to German discussions of collective memory. This paper investigates, first, to what extent Assmann's theory ofExpand
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Friedrich Kittler
The introduction provides a short outline of Kittler’s biographical background and briefly discusses the stages of his work: The initial discourse-analytical stage of the late 1970s that centeredExpand
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