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The authors present the findings from a long-term follow-up study of 118 patients from Vermont State Hospital who, when rediagnosed retrospectively, met DSM-III criteria for schizophrenia at their index hospitalization in the mid-1950s. The patients were studied with structured, reliable, multivariate instrument batteries by raters who were blind to(More)
The authors report the latest findings from a 32-year longitudinal study of 269 back-ward patients from Vermont State Hospital. This intact cohort participated in a comprehensive rehabilitation program and was released to the community in a planned deinstitutionalization effort during the mid-1950s. At their 10-year follow-up mark, 70% of these patients(More)
BACKGROUND This study compared long-term outcome of serious mental illness in two states using a matched design to assess psychiatric rehabilitation programmes; Vermont subjects participated in a model psychiatric rehabilitation programme, while the Maine group received more traditional care. METHOD Maine and Vermont subjects (n = 269) were matched by(More)
BACKGROUND This paper supplements the cross-sectional outcome comparisons of the companion paper by providing a brief account of the longitudinal courses of the Maine and Vermont samples across several outcome domains. METHOD A Life Chart method was used to document changes in individual lives over the domains of residence, work, income source, and use of(More)
An operational model for the forecast of dust storms in Northern Africa, the Middle East and Southwest Asia has been developed for the United States Air Force Weather Agency (AFWA). The dust forecast model uses the 5 th generation Penn State Mesoscale Meteorology Model (MM5) and the University of Colorado CARMA dust transport model. In a unique study, AFWA(More)
• Jonathan D. Beezley (Dec. 2001) is applying for admission to graduate programs in mathematics. • Mary Jo Gabig (May 2002) is working at Pfizer in Lincoln and will be getting married in August. • Shawn T. Langan (May 2002) is in the physics graduate program at UNL working with Professor Edward Schmidt. • James Strohaber (Dec. 2001) is in the physics(More)