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Never Mind the Tagmemics, Where's the Sex Pistols?.
ur story begins, as always, with lack and desire. It's 1975, the year On Righting Writing: Classroom Practices in Teaching English appeared in answer to the "great concern for the quality of studentExpand
English Composition As A Happening
From the Introduction: "Contemporary Composition is still inflected by the epistemic turn taken in the 1980s, convincing me that we need to remember what we've forgotten— namely, how impassionedExpand
Seeing students as writers
The Face of Collaboration
Word Up: Using Spoken Word and Hip Hop Subject Matter in Pre-College Writing Instruction.
Spin on your head. Find Davy Crockett in Lil Wayne. Hear two University professors contest the psychology of oppression. Write a poem, revise it with a mentor, set it to a beat, perform it onstage,Expand
The Schoolmaster in the Bookshelf
Writing Classroom as Factory.
It was very dark; the whole house was dark. But . . . furnished with great taste—all kinds of Victorian trappings, fine couches and all kinds of ornamental devices. . . . And it was the living roomExpand