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There is a pressing need to integrate biophysical and human dimensions science to better inform holistic ecosystem management supporting the transition from single species or single-sector management to multi-sector ecosystem-based management. Ecosystem-based management should focus upon ecosystem services, since they reflect societal goals, values,(More)
Upon their initial discovery, hydrothermal vents and methane seeps were considered to be related but distinct ecosystems, with different distributions, geomorphology, temperatures, geochemical properties and mostly different species. However, subsequently discovered vents and seep systems have blurred this distinction. Here, we report on a composite,(More)
Recently researchers have gone to great lengths to measure marine metapopulation connectivity via tagging, genetic, and trace-elemental fingerprinting studies. These empirical estimates of larval dispersal are key to assessing the significance of metapopulation connectivity within a demographic context, but the life-history data required to do this are(More)
The exchange of individuals among habitat patches (connectivity) has broad relevance for the conservation and management of marine metapopulations. Elemental fingerprinting-based research conducted over the past 12 years along the open coastline and bays of San Diego County in southern California evaluated connectivity patterns for seven species: one native(More)
A patient receiving intradermal injections of vaccine directed towards carcinoembryonic antigen-bearing metastases from colorectal cancer showed uptake of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose in local draining lymph nodes during the course of treatment. This appearance should be considered as a possible false positive in patients undergoing such treatment who are being(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate both small and large intestinal permeability in HIV-positive subjects, and correlate variation in intestinal mucosal abnormality with immunological and nutritional markers of HIV disease. METHODS Small and large intestinal permeability studies were performed in 14 HIV-seropositive patients and eight healthy men. Eight out of the(More)
Technical Memoranda are used for documentation and timely communication of preliminary results, interim reports, or special-purpose information. Although the memoranda are not subject to complete formal review, they are expected to reflect sound professional work. ii NOTICE The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) does not approve, recommend or endorse(More)
A complete understanding of population connectivity via larval dispersal is of great value to the effective design and management of marine protected areas (MPA). However empirical estimates of larval dispersal distance, self-recruitment, and within season variability of population connectivity patterns and their influence on metapopulation structure remain(More)
LEARNING OBJECTIVES After studying this article, the participant should be able to: 1. Analyze the patient's medical and basal joint arthritis condition. 2. Understand and communicate the treatment alternatives to the patient. 3. Formulate and carry out a surgical plan for the appropriate operative candidate. 4. Understand the expected outcomes and the(More)