Geoffrey Rose

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OBJECTIVE Females are substantially less likely than males to cycle for transport in countries with low bicycle transport mode share. We investigated whether female commuter cyclists were more likely to use bicycle routes that provide separation from motor vehicle traffic. METHODS Census of cyclists observed at 15 locations (including off-road bicycle(More)
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate the magnitude, timing, and cause of changes in blood pressure that occur in migrants from a low blood pressure population on moving to an urban area. DESIGN A controlled longitudinal observational study of migrants as soon after migration as possible and follow up at three, six, 12, 18, and 24 months after migration. A cohort of(More)
Twenty-four factories or other occupational groups, employing 18 210 men aged 40 to 59, were formed into matched pairs. One of each pair was allocated randomly to receive a five to six year programme of medical examinations and intervention to reduce the levels of the main coronary risk factors. Men at factories in the intervention group were given advice(More)
A multi-centre controlled trial of steroid treatment of the nephrotic syndrome was carried out on 125 patients. Of these, 64 were controls and 61 received prednisone in a recommended dose range of 20-30 mg./24 hours. The actual initial dose averaged 29 mg./24 hours. Treatment was continued for a variable period, but not less than six months. More than 10(More)
A population survey of blood pressure in St Lucia, West Indies has confirmed that high blood pressure constitutes an important public health problem. In common with other studies blood pressure was found to be significantly correlated with body weight, possibly by a primary effect on diastolic pressure. Blood pressure was also significantly correlated with(More)
As part of a longitudinal study of migrants who move from a subsistence farming rural society to Nairobi, blood pressures and associated factors were measured in cross sectional studies of members of the Luo tribe in their traditional rural environment and in the urban environment of Nairobi. Blood pressures in Nairobi correlated with duration of urban(More)
Phospholipidosis (PLD) is characterized by an intracellular accumulation of phospholipids in lysosomes and the concurrent development of concentric lamellar bodies. Recently, H. Sawada et al. (2005, Toxicol. Sci. 83, 282-292) identified 17 genes as potential biomarkers of PLD in HepG2 cells. The present study was undertaken to determine if this set of genes(More)
Emergency Department echocardiography revealed an intrapericardial hollow viscus in an 80-year-old auto crash victim. This proved to be stomach herniated through a ruptured diaphragm. Echocardiography and ultrasonography are very valuable diagnostic procedures currently available to the trauma surgeon to rule out diaphragmatic injury early in the trauma(More)
The choice of enucleation and evisceration for removal of an eye remains controversial in certain circumstances. An international panel was asked to give their surgical management of two clinical cases that require either enucleation or evisceration. Case one follows multiple vitreoretinal procedures, and the risk of sympathetic ophthalmia is considered in(More)