Geoffrey R. Newman

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This study examined the morphologic features of the parietal peritoneal membranes of 130 patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis (PD) and compared them with the features of the peritoneal membranes of normal individuals, uremic predialysis patients, and patients undergoing hemodialysis. The median thickness of the submesothelial compact collagenous zone was(More)
A simple and versatile technique for the preparation of ultra-thin sections, which can be stained immunohistochemically directly on electron microscope grids, is presented. An anti-hapten immunoperoxidase procedure has been adapted for use on tissue fixed in a purified monomeric glutaraldehyde-picric acid mixture, and embedded in ‘L R White’, a recently(More)
We describe an investigation of corpora amylacea (CA) in the brain tissue of Alzheimer's disease (AD) cases and normal ageing controls, using both light (LM) and electron (EM) microscopic techniques. CA populations were shown by routine histological staining of LR White resin sections with methenamine silver and PAS, and were compared with those shown by(More)
Complement in the postmortem brains of 15 cases of Pick's disease has been widely analyzed immunohistochemically and, in 2 cases, by immunoelectron microscopy. Astrocytes and the Pick bodies and cytoplasm of ballooned neurons were immunoreactive with antibodies to classical pathway components C1, C1q, C4, C2 and C3 and the terminal complex components C5, C6(More)
We describe two methods for rapid processing of biological tissues into LR White acrylic plastic. Both methods make use of LR White's compatibility with small amounts of water, enabling non-osmicated tissue to be only partially dehydrated before infiltration with the plastic, a procedure that improves the sensitivity of post-embedding immunocytochemistry.(More)
To elucidate the protein composition of the nemaline bodies present in the muscle fibres of patients with congenital nemaline myopathy (CNM), we studied muscle biopsies with monoclonal antibodies against alpha-actinin and desmin in combination with a modified Gomori trichrome method. Electron microscopy of immunolabelled resin embedded sections was used for(More)
We present a simple yet powerful method for the isolation and analysis of exosomes released by antigen-presenting cells (APC). Exosomes are small vesicles (40-90 nm) released by APC, and may have an immuno-regulatory function in vivo. Such exosomes originate from MHC class II peptide loading compartments and, as such, express high levels of MHC Class II. We(More)
When preparing to make a saccadic eye movement in a cued direction, perception of stimuli at the target location is enhanced, just as it is when attention is covertly deployed there. Accordingly, the timing and anatomical sources of preparatory brain activity accompanying shifts of covert attention and saccade preparation tend to exhibit a large degree of(More)
The distribution and severity of the neuropathological changes in 57 cases of Alzheimer's disease, and 11 patients with Down's syndrome were investigated with reference to the cerebellum: A modified silver stain and a monoclonal antibody raised against amyloid β-protein were used to identify amyloid plaques. The highest incidence of amyloid plaques in the(More)
OBJECTIVE A peritoneal biopsy registry was established to examine morphological and functional changes to the peritoneum during peritoneal dialysis (PD). During the early stages of this study, it became clear that surgical trauma to the peritoneum at the time of biopsy could cause a variety of changes to the surface. We examined the effects of surgical(More)