Geoffrey R Hughes

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Uterine leiomyosarcoma is a rare malignant tumor of smooth muscle origin. We describe the case of a 64-year-old female with intravenous uterine leiomyosarcomatosis with the extension of the tumor mass into the inferior vena cava and right atrium. As initial tissue diagnosis of the tumor obtained from the uterine and right atrial masses suggested intravenous(More)
OBJECTIVES Although the role of the ED in the management of patients needing palliative care is recognised internationally, there are little Australasian data on this issue. This study aimed to determine the current knowledge and attitude to the provision of palliative care in Australasian EDs. METHODS All ED directors in Australasia were invited to(More)
A case is reported of methaemoglobinaemia presenting with recurrent fits in the absence of cyanosis. A low oxygen saturation measured on pulse oximetry that fails to improve with oxygen treatment, the presence of "chocolate brown" blood that does not change on exposure to air, and a high PaO2 arterial blood gas with oxygen therapy should support such a(More)
The biotrophic powdery mildew fungus Blumeria graminis releases extracellular materials to the surface of fungal infection structures that facilitate anchoring them to hydrophobic plant surfaces prior to infection; however, the chemistry of fungal adhesives and the mechanism of adhesion remain largely unclear. Expressed sequence tag analysis led to(More)
PROBLEM Despite widespread acceptance of the Ottawa ankle rules for assessment of acute ankle injuries, their application varies considerably. DESIGN Before and after study. BACKGROUND AND SETTING Emergency departments of a tertiary teaching hospital and a community hospital in Australia. KEY MEASURES FOR IMPROVEMENT Documentation of the Ottawa ankle(More)
Advanced airway management skills are essential for emergency physicians and are a required competency for trainees sitting for the Fellowship of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine. The technical psychomotor skills are best taught under supervision in the operating theatre or the emergency department, but the decision making and organisational(More)