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BACKGROUND Facial pain is a relatively frequent cause of presentation to both general medical and dental practitioners. Although in the vast majority of cases the cause is dental disease or tempero-mandibular joint dysfunction, the remaining patients are often difficult to diagnose and treat. OBJECTIVE This article discusses the differential diagnosis of(More)
Increasing weakness occurring over several days, involving the upper and lower limbs, and progressing to symmetrical paresis is a clinical presentation that raises many diagnostic issues. When faced with these circumstances most clinicians opt for a range of neurological possibilities. However, metabolic possibilities are equally important and are eminently(More)
Oral ulceration is a common complaint and is usually inconsequential. Nevertheless, when it appears for the first time in adult life, it may represent the manifestation of systemic disease. A full history and examination should be carried out and a full blood examination and ESR done. Any ulcer persisting for more than three weeks without responding to(More)
This study was designed to examine morbidity patterns among Australian Defence Forces members and to compare them with civilian general practice. The study was conducted in the outpatient departments of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) No. 6 Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. The patients studied were male and female members of the RAAF (66%), Army (25%),(More)
BACKGROUND Facial pain is one of the most common neurological complaints together with headache, and back and abdominal pain. In most cases, the aetiology can be ascertained from a detailed history and examination. However, the source of pain may be obscure as oral and facial structures frequently have multiple innervations, and referred pain to the ear is(More)
Regional nerve blocks are a valuable skill for general practitioners and surgeons who perform surgical procedures under local anaesthetic. Once mastered, these injections provide rapid anaesthesia with minimal pain, little distortion of the tissues and improved aesthetic results. This paper describes techniques applicable to lesions of the face, upper and(More)
In assessing the elderly it should be remembered that about 75% of falls are unreported. It is essential therefore to inquire about falls and balance problems in any assessment of the aged. Falls are common during a severe acute illness such as stroke, pneumonia or any condition causing hypotension or severe pain; the elderly having little reserves to meet(More)