Geoffrey Parker

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Today’s information technology departments have widely varying demands for resources due to unexpected surges in subscriber demands (e.g., a large response to a product promotion). Further complicating matters is that many resource actions done in response to surges (e.g., provisioning or de-provisioning an application server) have substantial delays (lead(More)
ABSTRACT: The trend toward outsourcing manufacturing as well as product design and other service activities is well-established and apparently accelerating. Within this trend, however, there are examples that are not well-explained by existing theory. In particular, we observe firms outsourcing to suppliers that enjoy no external economies of scale,(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the use of the new absorbable polymer scaffold poly-4-hydroxybutyrate (P4HB) in complex abdominal wall reconstruction. BACKGROUND Complex abdominal wall reconstruction has witnessed tremendous success in the last decade after the introduction of cadaveric biologic scaffolds. However, the use of cadaveric biologic mesh has been(More)
The forest canopy is important in maintaining the diversity, resilience, and functioning of forest ecosystems. As new access techniques, such as the use of giant construction cranes, increase the interest and information about forest canopies, new tools and analytical approaches will be needed to manage, analyze and compare data from various studies. Canopy(More)
The concept of Adaptive Memory coupled with advances in neighborhood structures derived from dynamic and adaptive search constructions have been the source of numerous important developments in metaheuristic optimization throughout the last decade. These innovations have been the key to the most successful results in a wide range of applications in(More)
BACKGROUND Amniotic membrane is tissue obtained from human placenta rich in cytokines, growth factors, and stem cells that possess the ability to inhibit infection, improve healing, and stimulate regeneration. METHODS A meta-analysis was performed examining randomized controlled trials comparing amniotic tissue products with standard of care in nonhealing(More)