Geoffrey P. Lomax

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In recent years, clinical trials with stem cells have taken the emerging field in many new directions. While numerous teams continue to refine and expand the role of bone marrow and cord blood stem cells for their vanguard uses in blood and immune disorders, many others are looking to expand the uses of the various types of stem cells found in bone marrow(More)
Research suggests that the representation of scientific and medical issues in the traditional media such as newspapers, TV and radio is an important determinant of public opinion and related public policy outcomes, particularly with regard to attitudes toward stem cell research. With the emergence of social media, the discursive space around public policy(More)
Efforts have emerged internationally to recruit donors with specific disease indications and to derive induced pluripotent cell lines. These disease-specific induced pluripotent stem cell lines have the potential to accelerate translational goals such as drug discovery and testing. One consideration for donor recruitment and informed consent is the(More)
In 2000, approximately 20 railroad track workers who filed injury reports or compensation claims for carpal tunnel syndrome were tested by their employer for two genetic traits to determine the work relatedness of the condition. The testing involved deletions, variants, or mutations in the genetic coding for peripheral myelin protein (PMP22) and(More)
At the OSHA hearings regarding the Proposed Ergonomics Standard, confusion occurred between appropriate scientific evidentiary criteria for initiating clinical interventions for individual patients as opposed to the evidence needed to justify public health protection interventions directed at controlling hazardous exposures for entire populations. We assert(More)
BACKGROUND Residential and commercial painters disturb lead paint on older buildings, exposing workers and potentially building occupants. An intervention strategy was evaluated for improving lead safety in these small businesses. METHODS Twenty-one painting contractors received 32 hr of training, technical assistance, and a safety manual; their employees(More)
Prompted by an increased interest of both research participants and the patient advocacy community in obtaining information about research outcomes and on the use of their biological samples; the international community has begun to debate the emergence of an ethical 'duty' to return research results to participants. Furthermore, the use of new technologies(More)
volume 31 number 4 APrIl 2013 nature biotechnology that the assumption that five embryos remain for each live birth and that 95% of these are stored is probably an underestimate. Third, improvements in ART pregnancy success rates may have resulted in a higher proportion of unused embryos. And fourth, additional embryos have been stored since 2010. One must(More)
volume 30 number 9 september 2012 nature biotechnology a single verified report whereby breeding or radiation and/or chemical mutagenesis resulted in a toxin, allergen or other hazard that was not known to exist before. These facts support the conclusion that DNA insertions and other types of mutations do not pose unreasonable risks to the environment or to(More)