Geoffrey Owen

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The detectability of tones, or of intensity increments to tones, in bands of random noise was measured for conditions in which the overall level was fixed or was randomly roved from interval to interval of every experimental trial. The purpose of the within-trial rove was to limit the usefulness of a detection strategy based on overall level or level within(More)
Intracellular recordings of the light responses of bipolar cells were made in the isolated perfused retina of the larval tiger salamander by microelectrodes filled with a 1% solution of the enzyme horseradish peroxidase (HRP). Two classes of bipolar cell were identified in terms of their responses to luminous spots and annuli centered upon their receptive(More)
Two experiments concerning the effects of continuous broadband noise on wave V of the click-evoked human BAER are reported. Experiment I compared the effects of broadband masking noise presented ipsilaterally, contralaterally, and biaurally on the BAER to 100-dB pSPL monaurally presented clicks. For noise levels up to 75 dB SPL, contralateral masking had no(More)
of Economics, where he conducts teaching and research in the fi eld of corporate strategy, corporate governance and international competition. He has written extensively in the fi eld of business strategy and industrial performance. He has published three books: Industry in the USA (Penguin 1967), From Empire to Europe: the decline and revival of British(More)
Recent experiments indicate that the dark-adapted vertebrate visual system can count photons with a reliability limited by dark noise in the rod photoreceptors themselves. This suggests that subsequent layers of the retina, responsible for signal processing, add little if any excess noise and extract all the available information. Given the signal and noise(More)
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