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Optimizing a hybrid SSD/HDD HPC storage system based on file size distributions
It is found that between 25% and 90% of all files are 64 Kbytes or less in size, yet these files account for less than 3% of the capacity in most cases, so the ratio of SSD to HDD capacity on the authors' latest HPC storage system is small. Expand
Cygwin32: a free win32 porting layer for UNIX® applications
This article will discuss the experiences porting the GNU development tools to the Win32 host and explore the development and architecture of the Cygwin32 library. Expand
Ray‐tracing analysis of auditorium acoustics for the Macintosh
An enhanced version of a previously presented geometrical ray‐tracing program for the Macintosh [M. Rieffel and E. C. Everbach, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 91, 2373(A) (1992)] will be demonstrated. TheExpand