Geoffrey McMurray

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of partial bladder outlet obstruction on detrusor blood flow and oxygen tension (PdetO2) in female pigs. MATERIALS AND METHODS Detrusor-layer oxygen tension and blood flow were measured using oxygen-sensitive electrode and radiolabelled microsphere techniques in five female Large White pigs with a partial urethral(More)
PURPOSE Idiopathic detrusor instability (IDI) is a common cause of lower urinary tract storage symptoms, such as urgency, frequency and urge incontinence. We have investigated the in vitro properties and pattern of innervation of the detrusor from patients with this condition. MATERIALS AND METHODS Full thickness bladder specimens were obtained(More)
Amongst other features of bladder physiology, the mechanics of cyclic filling and emptying make the blood supply of the bladder unique with respect to other organs of the body. Blood vessels are required to lengthen and shorten, whilst maintaining sufficient perfusion of the smooth muscle. Interruption of the blood supply may result in ischaemia and,(More)
PURPOSE Ineffective relaxation of the urethral sphincter during micturition can result in obstructive voiding symptoms. Several studies suggest carbon monoxide (CO) acts alongside nitric oxide (NO) as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, and may regulate NO production. We have investigated the distribution of the constitutive CO producing enzyme, heme(More)
1. Effects of levcromakalim and nucleoside diphosphates (NDPs) on both membrane currents and unitary currents in pig proximal urethra were investigated by use of patch clamp techniques (conventional whole-cell configuration, nystatin perforated patch, cell-attached configuration and inside-out patches). 2. Levcromakalim produced a concentration-dependent(More)
1. The effects of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), adenosine diphosphate (ADP), alpha,beta-methylene-ATP (alpha,beta-MeATP) and 2-methylthio-ATP (2-MeSATP) on longitudinally orientated smooth muscle strips from marmoset urinary bladder were investigated by use of standard organ bath techniques. 2. After being mounted in superfusion organ baths, 66.7% (n=249)(More)
Elastic fibres, which are intimately associated with collagen, a major component of the urethra, have been assumed to contribute to the resting urethral closure pressure. The Miller stain for elastin was used to demonstrate elastic fibres in cryostat sections of guinea pig bladder base, vesicourethral junction (VUJ) and urethra. Computerised image analysis(More)
The clinical, radiological and histological information on the fate of Kiel bone implants for anterior spinal fusion in four patients was evaluated. These implants were found to be unsatisfactory and further operations were required. Biopsies of the grafts showed that the Kiel bone was invaded by fibrous tissue but that it did not ossify or become(More)
PURPOSE Nitric oxide (NO) is known to relax urethral smooth muscle. The role of NO in the control of urethral striated muscle remains unknown. We have investigated the distribution of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) immunoreactivity and its possible relationship with subtypes of intramural striated muscle fibers in the human male membranous urethra. MATERIALS(More)
Introduction: Vertical root fractures (VRF) often occur in endodontically treated teeth and are difficult to definitively diagnose. Limited-field of view (FOV) cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) might be promising in the identification of VRFs. Methods: Fifty-two single rooted teeth with single canals were used. The experimental group consisted of teeth(More)