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Mind and materialism
Materialism and the mind/body problem intentionality - the externality of the mind, intentionality and the holism of the mental, mental representation, concluding remarks autonomy - functionalism,Expand
The identity of the self
Emotion and feeling
What place does feeling have in an analysis of emotion? I doubt whether it can be held that attempts to address this question in recent analyses of emotion have been crowned with success. SomeExpand
Philosophy, music, and emotion
Preface Introduction Chapter One - Contour and Convention Contour Convention Chapter Two - Emotivism Objectless Feelings Sympathy, Empathy, or Identification? Conclusion Chapter Three - Music'sExpand
The Elusive Self.
The Road to Substance Dualism
  • Geoffrey Madell
  • Philosophy
  • Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement
  • 7 July 2010
Abstract The common materialist view that a functional account of intentionality will eventually be produced is rejected, as is the notion that intentional states are multiply realisable. It isExpand
The Essence of the Self: In Defense of the Simple View of Personal Identity
1. Personal Identity and the First Person 2. The First Person 3. Body 4. Psychology 5. Persons and Possible Worlds 6. Retrospect