Geoffrey M.W. Cook

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We have tested whether the orientation of axons sprouting from bipolar dorsal root ganglion neurons is influenced by diffusible cues from surrounding tissues. Surface ectoderm, dermomyotome, and notochord exert strong chemorepulsion on axons growing in collagen gels, operating at separations beyond those found in vivo and active in cocultures of chick and(More)
Introduction To survey axon guidance in 1995 is to cover a very different field from some 30 years ago, when Sperry elaborated his idea of chemoaffinity to explain the precision of regenera-tion of the amphibian retinotectal map (Sperry, 1963). With hindsight we know that Sperry was overenthusiastic in his attribution of molecular labels to define tectal(More)
The analysis of the outgrowth pattern of spinal axons in the chick embryo has shown that somites are polarized into anterior and posterior halves. This polarity dictates the segmental development of the peripheral nervous system: migrating neural crest cells and outgrowing spinal axons traverse exclusively the anterior halves of the somite-derived(More)
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