Geoffrey M.W. Cook

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Introduction To survey axon guidance in 1995 is to cover a very different field from some 30 years ago, when Sperry elaborated his idea of chemoaffinity to explain the precision of regenera-tion of the amphibian retinotectal map (Sperry, 1963). With hindsight we know that Sperry was overenthusiastic in his attribution of molecular labels to define tectal(More)
BACKGROUND The protein Nogo-A regulates axon growth in the developing and mature nervous system, and this is carried out by two distinct domains in the protein, Nogo-A-Δ20 and Nogo-66. The differences in the signalling pathways engaged in axon growth cones by these domains are not well characterized, and have been investigated in this study. (More)
Semaphorin-3A (Sema3A) is a major guidance cue in the developing nervous system. Previous studies have revealed a dependence of responses to Sema3A on local protein synthesis (PS) in axonal growth cones, but a recent study has called this dependence into question. To understand the basis of this discrepancy we used the growth cone collapse assay on chick(More)
Embryonic tissues as elasticoviscous liquids. I. Rapid and slow shape changes in centnfuged cell aggregates 21 Brown. William J. and Wood, Eunice M. Ultrastructurel localization of cationic proteins in human polymorphonuclear leukocytes 37 Prescott. Lise and Brightman. Milton W. A technique for the freeze-fracture of tissue culture 45 Gro's, Formation and(More)
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