Geoffrey M. Steeves

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Ultrafast laser-induced magnetization dynamics in ferromagnetic thin films were measured using a femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser in a pump-probe magneto-optic Kerr effect setup. The effect of plasmon resonance on the transient magnetization was investigated by drop-coating the ferromagnetic films with dimensionally-tuned gold nanorods supporting longitudinal(More)
Self-terminating electrochemical fabrication was used within a microfluidic channel to create a junction between two Au electrodes separated by a gap of 75 microm . During the electrochemical process of etching from the anode to deposition at the cathode, flow could be applied in the anode-to-cathode direction. Without applied flow, dendritic growth and(More)
The shaping of nuclear spin polarization profiles and the induction of nuclear resonances are demonstrated within a parabolic quantum well using an externally applied gate voltage. Voltage control of the electron and hole wave functions results in nanometer-scale sheets of polarized nuclei positioned along the growth direction of the well. Applying rf(More)
We present the theory and design of a Mach-Zehnder interferometer with orthogonally polarized arms that passively, noninvasively, optically amplifies polarization rotation in one arm of the interferometer. Theoretical analysis of the electric fields in the two arms is used to compare the significance of device optimizations. Design of the beam alignment,(More)
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