Geoffrey J. Kennedy

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The incorporation of group projects into university computing courses is wide spread. However, there is evidence that students undertaking such projects express concern about the way in which marks awarded for outcomes produced by the group collaboratively are allocated to individuals in of the group. For example, since some group members contribute more or(More)
An appropriate cost metrics for estimating development effort of the database part of an application at conceptual design stage using ER model is an important consideration. We propose four cost metrics based on the level of complexity of an ER diagram. Our effort estimation technique is based on these metrics using an empirical mathematical expression(More)
AlPO4-H2 is a microporous hydrated aluminophosphate, structurally related to VPI-5, whose framework has highly elliptical 10-ring channels (2.9 x 7.6 A) parallel to the c crystallographic axis. To resolve a previously reported discrepancy between nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) data a highly crystalline AlPO4-H2 has been further(More)
In 1993 Kennedy identified three elementary structures into which any entity relationship diagram may be decomposed. He later investigated the use of elementary structure counts as the basis of a metric for effort estimation, but found very poor correlation. Some question was raised about the counting strategy employed and about the reliability of the(More)
Having been involved in the development of over two hundred small computer systems that could be classified as ‘transaction processing systems’ the author noted that, among an amazingly wide variety of applications, a relatively small number of design elements recur. These standard solutions to commonly occurring problems encountered in the development of(More)
Elsewhere Kennedy describes three elementary structures to be found in entity-relationship diagrams. Here, each of these structures is considered in the context of a transaction processing system and a specific set of components that can be associated with the structure is described. Next, an example is given illustrating the use of elementary structures as(More)
Performance is an important non-functional attribute of the software system to be considered for producing quality software. Performance analysis by estimating development effort of the database application and workload estimation during preliminary design stages is an important consideration. In this paper It is propose a methodology for estimation of(More)
Frameworks for describing a company’s architectural maturity have in recent years emerged in literature. These are often biased towards the particular flavor or architectural concept which is the point of interest of the specific author, be it component-based development, platforms, product lines or highly configurable code bases. They can therefore be(More)
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