Geoffrey J. Denton

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The chironimid midge Eretmoptera murphyi has been introduced to Signy Island and has since become established at a single site. Viable propagules of a diverse range of micro-fungi were recovered from the normal intestinal tract of larvae of E. murphyi, indicating the potential for the larvae to act as vectors for fungal introductions. The fungi present in(More)
The relationship between oak and wisteria powdery mildew, the reason artificial infection of Wisteria sinensis was difficult, and the identity of the pathogen were investigated. Inoculations of detached leaves of Quercus robur with Erysiphe alphitoides from either W. sinensis or Q. robur were successful. Wisteria floribunda was completely and W. sinensis(More)
A non-papillate, heterothallic Phytophthora species first isolated in 2001 and subsequently from symptomatic roots, crowns and stems of 33 plant species in 25 unrelated botanical families from 13 countries is formally described here as a new species. Symptoms on various hosts included crown and stem rot, chlorosis, wilting, leaf blight, cankers and gumming.(More)
Aquilegia is a popular garden plant in the northern hemisphere as well as a native plant in the UK and continental Europe. In 2000, Semiaquilegia adoxoides was found infected by downy mildew in Korea, and since 2013 there have been several confirmed records of a Peronospora sp. affecting Aquilegia in the UK, with symptomatic plants being observed several(More)
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