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To describe the imaging and histopathological findings and provide an overview of a recently described and rare cause of bone sclerosis. Five cases of intra-osseous hibernoma of bone that presented over the last year. The imaging and histopathology is reviewed. All cases were identified in asymptomatic middle-aged to elderly adults as incidental findings(More)
The problem of finding the minimum-energy configuration of particles on a lattice, subject to a generic short-ranged repulsive interaction, is studied analytically. The study is relevant to charge ordered states of interacting fermions, as described by the spinless Falicov–Kimball model. For a range of particle density including the half-filled case, it is(More)
Seasonal variation in the frequency of births of infants with a particular congenital defect is important evidence of an environmental factor in its aetiology. McKeown and Record (1951) observed that anencephalic stillbirths occurred more frequently in winter than in summer, but since then comparatively few defects have been examined in a similar manner.(More)
1-Adamantanamine hydrochloride (aminoadamantane) has been shown to inhibit the multiplication of influenza A viruses in cell cultures, organ cultures and experimentally infected mice. An epidemic of influenza in Great Britain in the winter of 1967-68 provided the opportunity to study the prophylactic effect of aminoadamantane in the family environment and(More)