Geoffrey Fryer

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  • G Fryer
  • 1977
Six species of atyid prawns, representing five genera, occur in streams on the West Indian island of Dominica (figures 1-6). The ecology and habits of each are described and the relation of features of gross morphology to ways of life noted. Xiphocaris elongata, the most primitive living atyid, is a lightly built prawn whose adult habits are related to life(More)
  • G Fryer
  • 2001
Recent suggestions concerning the age and origin of the flock of haplochromine cichlid fishes in Lake Victoria (East Africa) are considered. These accept as proven the suggestion that Lake Victoria dried out completely in the Late Pleistocene, was dry for several thousand years, and refilled ca. 12400 years ago. Apart from the fact that other geophysical(More)
Jacob Christian Schäffer was the first to appreciate the morphological complexity of the microscopic crustacean Daphnia. His investigations, published in 1755, provide an excellent example of the difficulties facing those who, for the first time, attempted to elucidate the structure of extremely complicated animals of small size, of which there were no(More)
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