Geoffrey Emi-Reynolds

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Cancer incidence estimates and dosimetry of 120 patients undergoing hysterosalpingography (HSG) without screening at five rural hospitals and with screening using image intensifier-TV at an urban hospital have been studied. Free in air kerma measurements were taken for patient dosimetry. Using PCXMC version 1.5, organ and effective doses to patients were(More)
Radioactivity concentration of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORMs) in shore sediments (samples) collected along the coast of Accra were analyzed using a gamma spectrometry with a high purity germanium detector. The specific activity concentrations range from 8.60 Bqkg to 61.01 Bqkg with a mean of 29.78 Bqkg for K, 0.62 Bqkg to 148.80 Bqkg with(More)
Studies have been carried out within and around the operational area of the Chirano Gold Mine Ltd of Ghana to ascertain the baseline radioactivity levels of naturally occurring radioactive materials as well as artificial radionuclides in the surface and underground mines. The analysis was carried out by using gamma spectrometry to quantify the radionuclides(More)
Occupational exposure to radiation in medical practice in Ghana has been analysed for a 10-y period between 2000 and 2009. Monitored dose data in the medical institution in Ghana from the Radiation Protection Institute's database were extracted and analysed in terms of three categories: diagnostic radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. One hundred(More)
The log file generated in the flat panel detector of a direct digital x-ray machine (General Electric, Haulun Medical Systems, Serial Number 8M0392) after x-ray exposure was used to acquire data regarding the entrance surface air kerma (ESAK) for some routine x-ray examinations. The data were collected for a minimum of 10 standard adult patients undergoing(More)
Studies have shown that there is high radiation exposure to medical staff during computed tomography fluoroscopy (CTF)-guided procedures. This study aims to investigate staff dose reduction techniques considering the CTF gantry positioning in the room and room dimensions in addition to the conventional use of thyroid collars, aprons and eye goggles. A(More)
Produced water from two Ghanaian offshore production oilfields has been characterized using alpha spectrometry after radiochemical separation, non-destructive gamma spectrometry and ICP-MS and other complimentary analytical tools. The measured concentrations of main NORM components were in the range of 6.2-22.3 Bq.L(-1), 6.4-35.5 Bq.L(-1), and 0.7-7.0(More)
Levels of naturally occurring radioactive materials prior to processing of gold ore within and around the new eastern concession area of Perseus Mining (Ghana) Limited were carried out to ascertain the baseline radioactivity levels. The study was based on situ measurements of external gamma dose rate at 1 m above ground level as well as laboratory analysis(More)
The use of nuclear gauges for process control and elemental analysis in the mining industry in Ghana, West Africa, is wide spread and on the increase in recent times. The Ghana Radiation Protection Board regulates nuclear gauges through a system of notification and authorization by registration or licensing, inspection, and enforcement. Safety assessments(More)
The status of radiation protection and safety of diagnostic medical x-ray facilities in the Greater Accra region in Ghana have been evaluated. In all, 62 medical facilities with 86 diagnostic x-ray units were considered for the survey. Out of the 86 diagnostic units, there were 56 general radiograph, 13 dental radiography, 9 fluoroscopy, 5 computed(More)