Geoffrey D. Bromiley

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Although water controls the biology and geology of the surface, hydrogen is perhaps the most poorly constrained compositional variable in the bulk Earth. Its concentration in the upper mantle appears to be controlled by its solubility as hydroxyl in the nominally anhydrous silicate phases, olivine, pyroxene, garnet, wadsleyite, and ringwoodite. Here we(More)
Impact ejected rocks are targets for life detection missions to Mars. The Martian subsurface is more favourable to organic preservation than the surface owing to an attenuation of radiation and physical separation from oxidising materials with increasing depth. Impact events bring materials to the surface where they may be accessed without complicated(More)
High pressure/temperature annealing experiments are used to determine diffusivities of H and D in non-stoichiometric spinel, a low-pressure analogue for nominally anhydrous minerals in Earth’s mantle. Data are fitted to the following Arrhenius law: Diffusivity (m/s) = 4 ± 1 × 10 exp(−54 ± 2 kJ mol/RT). At low temperatures, H and D diffusion in(More)
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