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The production by stress of gastric lesions in rats was inhibited by metiamide and by mepyramine. Lesions induced by indomethacin treatment were inhibited by mepyramine but not by metiamide. Those induced by aspirin treatment in pylorus-ligated rats were not affected by either antihistamine drug. Oral glutamine inhibited lesion production in all three(More)
1. Rats genetically resistant to dextran and other agents producing the anaphylactoid reaction (NR rats), have a higher polymorph count than do rats which react to these agents (R rats).2. NR rats do not develop polyarthritis when a hind paw is injected intradermally with Freund's adjuvant.3. The polyarthritis produced by an intravenous injection of(More)
During the summer months, aspirin was relatively ineffective in rats in suppressing leucocyte migration both into the pleural space inflamed by carrageenan and into inert sponges implanted subcutaneously. At this time period, rats were insensitive to intravenous histamine and relatively insensitive to anaphylactic shock, and survival rates after traumatic(More)
  • G B West
  • 1978
Intracutaneous injections of three glucan contaminants of invert sugar solutions and crude cane sugar into human skin produced localised wheals and erythema reactions. These glucans of molecular weight between 12,000 and 1,400,000 were also active on intradermal injection into both dextran-sensitive and dextran-resistant rats, and, like dextrans, were(More)