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Measuring the properties of endogenous cell proteins, such as expression level, subcellular localization, and turnover rates, on a whole proteome level remains a major challenge in the postgenome era. Quantitative methods for measuring mRNA expression do not reliably predict corresponding protein levels and provide little or no information on other protein(More)
Educational hypermedia offers flexible access to information, supports convenient learning styles, and provides a number of teaching advantages. The student's desire to learn can be enhanced by involving them in the education process and by presenting the course material in an attractive manner to encourage student participation. A well-implemented(More)
The field of secondary structure prediction methods has advanced again. The best methods now reach levels of 74-76% of the residues correctly predicted in one of the three states helix, strand, or other. In context of the EVA/CASP, we experimented with averaging over the best current methods. The resulting jury decision proved significantly more accurate(More)
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