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At the start of the 2004 and 2005 academic years, a voluntary travel behavior change program targeted incoming first-year students at the Clayton Campus of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Analysis of before and after travel surveys identified a significant effect in terms of reducing single occupant commuting and increasing public transport use.(More)
Eighteen children with diplegic cerebral palsy and no history of orthopaedic surgery had two gait analyses a mean of 6.3 years apart to analyse the effects of time on their gait. The mean age of the children at first analysis was 7.7 years (range 4.4-13.3 years). The data was analysed as a whole group (18 children) and as two sub-groups of nine children:(More)
The provision of accurate travel time information of public transport vehicles is valuable for both operators and passengers. It helps operators effectively implement their management strategies. It also allows passengers to schedule their departure to minimize waiting times. Public transport travel time is affected by several factors such as traffic flow,(More)
Blinking is vital to maintain the integrity of the ocular surface and its characteristics such as blink duration and speed can vary significantly, depending on the health of the eyes. The blink is so rapid that special techniques are required to characterize it. In this study, a high-speed camera was used to record and characterize voluntary blinking. The(More)
Mutations in PRPF31 are responsible for autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa (adRP, RP11 form) and affected families show nonpenetrance. Differential expression of the wildtype PRPF31 allele is responsible for this phenomenon: coinheritance of a mutation and a higher expressing wildtype allele provide protection against development of disease. It has(More)
PURPOSE Lid contour is important for eyelid symmetry, but clinical quantification can be difficult. The marginal peak is a major determinant of upper eyelid contour, and its horizontal position, relative to the mid-pupillary line, may be used as a measure of symmetry after surgery. This study used digital image analysis to assess the peak position in(More)
1 Introduction Movement of people forms an important component of a multi-modal transportation system. Promoting walking is an important part of the shift to more sustainable transport (OECD, 2002; Cotter and Hannan, 1999). Thus the planning and designing of amenities for efficient, comfortable and safe walking operations of pedestrian's movements in public(More)
PURPOSE Graves' orbitopathy (GO) is a sight-threatening autoimmune disorder causing extraocular muscle fibrosis, upper lid retraction and eye bulging due to orbital fat expansion. These clinical features are mediated by aspects of orbital fibroblasts differentiation, including adipogenesis and fibrosis. Our previous work suggested that this dual phenotype(More)