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Three studies examined whether the specificity with which people retrieve episodes from their past determines the specificity with which they imagine the future. In the first study, suicidal patients and nondepressed controls generated autobiographical events and possible future events in response to cues. Suicidal subjects' memory and future responses were(More)
To reduce the risk of recurrence and malignant transformation, pleomorphic adenomas of the lacrimal gland should be removed intact, without prior biopsy. Seventy one of the 78 patients in this series were referred without previous surgery, and, on clinical or radiological evidence, 63 (89%) tumours were correctly diagnosed and totally excised, with(More)
PURPOSE To report a series of 15 primary lacrimal sac tumours and present an algorithm in managing this rare condition. DESIGN Noncomparative interventional case series. METHODS A retrospective review of the clinical, radiological, and pathological records of 15 patients with primary lacrimal sac tumours. Main outcome measures Histologic evaluation and(More)
PURPOSE Although orbital myositis usually responds to prompt systemic therapy, recurrent or persistent episodes often require prolonged therapy. This study presents the clinical and radiologic features of 26 patients with orbital myositis and suggests a treatment regimen with special emphasis on recurrent or persistent orbital myositis. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Raising a displaced lower eyelid frequently involves recession of the lower eyelid retractors with interposition of a "spacer," and several materials for this purpose have been described. This study reviewed the results of autogenous palatal mucosa in the treatment of lower eyelid displacement, including assessment of any donor site(More)
OBJECTIVES To present the clinical and radiologic details of a series of patients with the imploding antrum, or silent sinus, syndrome, together with examples of the surgical findings and management. DESIGN Retrospective, noncomparative case series. PARTICIPANTS Fourteen patients assessed in the Orbital Service at Moorfields Eye Hospital. MAIN OUTCOME(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Lower eyelid retraction in thyroid eye disease contributes to ocular discomfort and an unsightly appearance, especially if asymmetrical. The use of donor scleral grafts is effective in lengthening the lower eyelids but carries a risk of virus transmission. Other techniques, including those which do not use grafts, need to be compared with(More)
PURPOSE To describe, for the first time, the occurrence of a large cyst in the orbital lobe of the lacrimal gland in association with marginal zone B-cell MALT lymphoma in three female patients, two of whom also had primary Sjögren's syndrome. METHODS Retrospective case note review. RESULTS Three female patients, aged 35, 41 and 47 years, presented with(More)
AIM To examine the effect of steroid therapy on the volume estimates and blood flow characteristics of childhood periorbital capillary haemangiomas. PATIENTS AND METHODS Children at risk of amblyopia due to periorbital haemangiomas were treated with intralesional steroid injections (between 1 and 4 courses) and serial assessment of the volume and(More)
PURPOSE To ascertain the effect of certain parameters on nasolacrimal duct probing. METHODS In a retrospective study of 142 infants and children who underwent nasolacrimal duct probing for congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction, age at time of probing, gender, symptom severity, presence of mucous discharge, and history of probing were correlated with(More)