Geoff Robinson

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The occurrence and release of thyrotrophin-releasing hormone (TRH) and 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) from amphibian skin have been described by previous investigators. In the present study, the precise location and site of release of TRH and 5-HT from the skin of Rana pipiens and Xenopus laevis have been examined using a combination of procedures including(More)
Injection of oxytocin into normal adult cycling mice caused alterations in ovarian histology. Oxytocin was administered early on the day of pro-oestrus and it induced the appearance of large numbers of corpora lutea by late pro-oestrus, suggesting oxytocin stimulated ovulation. When mice were examined very early on the day of normal oestrus the ovarian(More)
Gonadotrophin-releasing activity of oxytocin has previously been demonstrated in vitro and in vivo. This study investigated whether oxytocin is also able to induce LH accumulation in pituitary cells. Following trypsin digestion and mechanical dispersion, pituitary cells from female rats were incubated with oxytocin (100 nmol/l) for 24 h. LH release(More)
AIM To estimate the rate of sickness presenteeism in hospital doctors in a New Zealand tertiary hospital and to also identify reasons for why doctors continue to work whilst sick. METHODS An anonymous online survey about sickness presenteeism for all hospital doctors at one tertiary care hospital in New Zealand RESULTS The response rate for the survey(More)
INTRODUCTION AND AIMS To investigate the prevalence and nature of injecting behaviour among patients on Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) programs. DESIGN AND METHODS A self-reported questionnaire was handed to 423 patients enrolled in MMT across six clinics in the lower North Island of New Zealand. RESULTS A total of 151 patients responded, giving(More)
We previously demonstrated that oxytocin stimulates LH release from rat pituitary cells in vitro and advances follicular development and ovulation in mice in vivo. This study reports an investigation of rat LH levels following in-vivo administration of oxytocin. Injection of oxytocin (10 mIU/g, i.p.) to rats at 07.00, 08.00 and 09.00 h of pro-oestrus or at(More)
Neurohypophysial hormones have been implicated in the control of anterior pituitary function, and oxytocin has been shown to stimulate gonadotrophin excretion and ovarian follicular development in certain species. To determine the role of neurohypophysial peptides in the control of gonadotrophin release, their actions on LH and FSH secretion were analysed(More)
Oxytocin-induced LH release from dispersed rat anterior pituitary cells in vitro was shown to be dependent on the steroidal environment. Preincubation of anterior pituitary cells with estradiol for 48 h enhanced the subsequent LH response to oxytocin (p less than 0.001). Maximal sensitization was observed with estradiol at 1 nM. Release of LH induced by(More)
Oxytocin has been shown to advance gonadotropin secretion in pro-estrus rats. The effects that oxytocin-induced changes have on the ovary were investigated in this study. Oxytocin administered to rats at proestrus 09.00 h, 10.00 h and 11.00 h advanced follicular growth, progesterone secretion, and the time of ovulation. However, both treated and control(More)