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In healthy mammals, maturation of B cells expressing heavy (H) chain immunoglobulin (Ig) without light (L) chain is prevented by chaperone association of the H chain in the endoplasmic reticulum. Camelids are an exception, expressing homodimeric IgGs, an antibody type that to date has not been found in mice or humans. In camelids, immunization with viral(More)
BACKGROUND The Conditional Autoregressive (CAR) model is widely used in many small-area ecological studies to analyse outcomes measured at an areal level. There has been little evaluation of the influence of different neighbourhood weight matrix structures on the amount of smoothing performed by the CAR model. We examined this issue in detail. METHODS We(More)
Conversion of monoculture plantations to mixed stands with greater diversity is an important aim of sustainable forest management, and in Britain, this is concentrated on the restoration of native broadleaved woodland on ancient woodland sites that were planted with conifers. Current British guidelines for this restoration have rarely been examined, and(More)
A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Abstract In today's interconnected world, threats from anywhere in the world can have serious global repercussions. In particular, two types of threats have a global impact: 1) cyber crime and 2) cyber and biological weapons. If a country's(More)
  • X Zou, M J Osborn, Xiangang Zou, Michael J Osborn, Daniel J Bolland, Jennifer A Smith +10 others
  • 2007
3271 In the mammalian immune system DNA re-combination and surface IgM expression are required for B lymphocyte development. In bone marrow B cells, D to J H rearrangement is completed at the pre – B1 cell stage. This is followed by V H to DJ H rearrangement in large pre – B2 cells and V L to J L rearrangement in small pre – B2 cells, indicating sequential(More)
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