Geoff Lewis

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The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded in 2000 for the discovery of conductive organic polymers, which have subsequently been adapted for applications in ultrasensitive biological detection. Here, we report the first use of this new class of fluorescent probes in a diverse range of cytometric and imaging applications. We demonstrate that these "Brilliant(More)
Recently we have demonstrated batch suspension culture of mammalian cells in microwell plates. Here we describe a method for fed-batch culture of an industrially relevant GS-CHO (Glutamine Synthetase-Chinese Hamster Ovary) cell line in shaken 24-standard round well (24-SRW) plates. Use of a commercially available 'sandwich lid' and appropriate dilution of(More)
In debates about green accounting it is sometimes argued that a positive value of aggregate investments indicates that an economy is developing sustainably. Asheim (1994) and Pezzey (1994) have shown that this is wrong, using a version of the well-known Dasgupta–Heal economy (with one capital and one non-renewable resource stock) as a counterexample.(More)
The growth of films of [H2B(pz)2]Fe(ii)(bpy) on Au(111) is characterized from the bilayer film to multilayer film regime. Scanning tunneling microscopy shows a transition from a well-ordered, uniform bilayer film to a poorly-ordered film at larger thicknesses. Previous local tunneling spectroscopy and conductance mapping in bilayer films permit the(More)
1. Introduction For more than a decade, electricity industries have been undergoing regulatory reform worldwide, with the general aim of improving economic efficiency. In many places, these changes have culminated in the appearance of a wholesale power market. There are various, sometimes contradictory, conclusions about the performance of such restructured(More)
Emulsion polymerization was employed to prepare poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) hydrogel spheres, which exhibited an LCST of 32 degrees C. The hydrogels were loaded with model drugs (benzoic acid (BA), sodium benzoate and diltiazem HCl (DHCl)) and release investigated at 25 degrees C and 37 degrees C. The temperature at which gel formation occurred was vital(More)
There has recently been a rapid growth in international literature and research on the links between economic growth and social capability and their impact upon well-being. This paper draws on that literature to build upon previous Treasury work at the intersection of economic and social policy. It examines the relationship between a productive economy and(More)
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