Geoff Leventhall

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Definitions of infrasound and low-frequency noise are discussed and the fuzzy boundary between them described. Infrasound, in its popular definition as sound below a frequency of 20 Hz, is clearly audible, the hearing threshold having been measured down to 1.5 Hz. The popular concept that sound below 20 Hz is inaudible is not correct. Sources of infrasound(More)
Setbacks for wind turbines have been established in many jurisdictions to address potential health concerns associated with audible noise. However, in recent years, it has been suggested that infrasound (IS) and low-frequency noise (LFN) could be responsible for the onset of adverse health effects self-reported by some individuals living in proximity to(More)
This information note examines the revision to the ETSU-R-97 method of deriving noise conditions for wind farm planning permissions from background noise measurements, as proposed in an article in the Acoustics Bulletin of the Institute of Acoustics (IoA). 1 We have used actual wind speed data to model the impact of the revision on noise conditions and(More)
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