Geoff Leventhall

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A small group of people, whose complaints of low frequency noise had not been resolved, were invited to attend a series of relaxation sessions led by a psychotherapist. The aims of the sessions were to improve the participants' coping strategies and their quality of life, in order to relieve them from some of the distress caused by the noise. Prior to the(More)
Setbacks for wind turbines have been established in many jurisdictions to address potential health concerns associated with audible noise. However, in recent years, it has been suggested that infrasound (IS) and low-frequency noise (LFN) could be responsible for the onset of adverse health effects self-reported by some individuals living in proximity to(More)
A defi nition of infrasound is: Acoustic oscillations whose frequency is below the low frequency limit of audible sound (about 16Hz). (IEC 1994) This defi nition is incorrect, as sound remains audible at frequencies well below 16Hz. For example, measurements of hearing threshold have been made down to 4Hz for exposure in an acoustic chamber (Watanabe and(More)
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