Geoff Jenkins

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A new model for grass functional genomics is described based on Brachypodium distachyon, which in the evolution of the Pooideae diverged just prior to the clade of "core pooid" genera that contain the majority of important temperate cereals and forage grasses. Diploid ecotypes of B. distachyon (2n = 10) have five easily distinguishable chromosomes that(More)
The total volume of centromeres per nucleus varies widely within Triticum aestivum cv. Chinese Spring (7-fold) and between 11 higher plant species (24-fold). Such variation is closely correlated with nuclear DNA content, nuclear volume and, to a lesser extent, the total volume of nucleoli per nucleus. Centromere volume reflects minor intraspecific(More)
In the hybrid Festuca scarisoa X drymeja where pairing is incomplete at pachytene, there is preferential pairing between the longer chromosomes of the complement. EM serial-section reconstruction of nuclei at zygotene and pachytene reveals that there is equally pronounced preferential pairing between larger centromeres. This evidence suggests that the(More)