Geoff Downs

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INTRODUCTION Clustering is a data analysis technique that, when applied to a set of heterogeneous items, identifies homogeneous subgroups as defined by a given model or measure of similarity. Of the many uses of clustering, a prime motivation for the increasing interest in clustering methods is their use in the selection and design of combinatorial(More)
Coding of data, usually upstream of data analysis, has crucial implications for the data analysis results. By modifying the data coding – through use of less than full precision in data values – we can aid appreciably the effectiveness and efficiency of the hierarchical clustering. In our first application, this is used to lessen the quantity of data to be(More)
Data is naturally ultrametric when high dimensional and/or sparse. Local ultrametricity of data can be increased by appropriate data coding. New perspectives on data analysis, and on data analysis algorithms , are opened up by these findings. We discuss data recoding, in order to increase local ultrametricity of data, using time series signals, and texts,(More)
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