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Digestive tract morphology and function were studied in the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus), a small (350 g) exudivore with a well-developed caecum. Transit times (times of first appearance of the markers in the faeces following a pulse dose in the food) were similar for Co-EDTA, which marks the fluid phase of the digesta, and Cr-mordanted cell walls,(More)
The published knowledge on neurobiological, psychological, and ethological aspects of development in Callithrix jacchus is still limited. We have collected published and unpublished data from several Callithrix colonies and pooled information on criteria for developmental progress and maturation using a questionnaire sent to numerous experts in the field.(More)
In the Report “The inner centromere– shugoshin network prevents chromosomal instability” by Y. Tanno et al. (1), the representative images for comparison in Fig. 2C and figs. S13C and S15A were captured under inconsistent imaging conditions. In figs. S8B, S11F, and S12B, the images used for comparison were not adjusted using identical settings. In fig. S8A,(More)
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