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Nanotechnology: Basic Science and Emerging Technologies
BACKGROUND TO NANOTECHNOLOGY Scientific Revolutions Types of Nanotechnology and Nanomachines The Periodic Table Atomic Structure Molecules and Phases Energy Molecular and Atomic Size Surfaces and
A Subambient Open Roof Surface under the Mid‐Summer Sun
A novel material open to warm air stays below ambient temperature under maximum solar intensities of mid‐summer. It is found to be 11 °C cooler than a commercial white cool roof nearby. A combination
Green nanotechnology
Nanotechnology, in particular nanophotonics, is proving essential to achieving green outcomes of sustainability and renewable energy at the scales needed. Coatings, composites and polymeric
Optimized multilayer indium‐free electrodes for organic photovoltaics
Flexible multilayer electrodes that combine high transparency, high conductivity, and efficient charge extraction have been deposited, characterised and used as the anode in organic solar cells. The
Colour mixing LEDs with short microsphere doped acrylic rods.
The output colour distributions from red, green and blue (RGB) LEDs mixed with cross linked PMMA micro particle doped PMMA mixing rods is compared to output from a plain PMMA mixing rod. Distinctive
Design, control, and characterisation of switchable radiative cooling
Here we present our recent developments in temperature dependent ellipsometry, FTIR and emittance measurements of flat and structured vanadium dioxide (VO2) surfaces allowing significant control of
Evaluation of the limits of resonance tunability in metallic nanoshells with a spectral averaging method.
The scattering contribution to extinction is described with a new parameter Sdelta, which is defined for a wavelength range of interest A, which can help in designing materials for specific applications where scattering is either hindering, as in near-infrared absorbers for visually clear windows, or actually desired, such as in particle-array-based sensors.
The effect of gap size on growth and species composition of 15-year-old regrowth in mixed blackbutt forests
Summary In north-eastern New South Wales (NSW) the Regional Forest Agreement process has transferred more than 400 000 ha of state forests to national park, and restricted silviculture to ‘single
Color considerations in fluorescent solar concentrator stacks.
Modeling shows that by use of a stack of three FPCs, one each of violet, green, and red, it is possible to achieve good color rendering and sufficient lighting levels for room illumination.
Lighting simulations using smoothed LED profiles compared with measured profiles
Ray tracing simulations of LED lighting systems typically use the smooth angular intensity profiles supplied by the LED manufacturer. However, measurements of a range of 5 mm LEDs presented in this