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A Study of Non-Symmetric Double-Sided Linear Induction Motor for Hyperloop All-In-One System (Propulsion, Levitation, and Guidance)
This paper proposes an all-in-one system for hyperloop that conducts propulsion, levitation, and guidance. Expand
A Study on Output Characteristics of the Spherical Multi-DOF Motor According to the Number of Phases and Pole Pitch Angles
This paper studies the output performance improvement of the spherical multi-degree-of-freedom (multi-DOF) motor. The multi-DOF motor is a motor that is designed to drive in multiple axes. Therefore,Expand
A Study on the Reduction of Cogging Torque for the Skew of a Magnetic Geared Synchronous Motor
This paper is a study on the application position of skew in order to reduce the cogging torque of a magnetic geared synchronous motor (MGM). Expand
Analysis of inductance according to the applied current in Spoke type PMSM and suggestion of driving mode
Spoke type PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) is a motor that used non-rare earth which has low flux density. It has flux concentrated structure of permanent magnets arrangement to improveExpand
Design of high-end SynRM based on 3D printing technology
This paper intends to verify, through actual fabrication and test, that 3D printing technology, which is one of the top 10 most promising future technologies, can be grafted onto motor industry. AExpand
Bubbles and blisters impact on die-casting cage to the designs and operations of line-start synchronous reluctance motors
This paper includes an investigation of the starting capability of a high efficiency synchronous reluctance motor for direct on-line industrial applications. Expand
Design and analysis of magnetic-geared permanent magnet synchronous motor for driving electric vehicles
In order to increase the output power density and maintainability of the conventional driving system in electric vehicle, the research on magnetic gears is being carried out variously all over theExpand
Design parameter analysis of the linear induction motor for Maglev conveying system
This paper deals with an analysis of the design parameters and its influence on performance of the linear induction motor (LIM). LIM propels using Lorentz force generated by interaction betweenExpand
A study on traction motor design for a Tram-Train which takes into consideration of a permanent magnet scattering
This is paper on traction motor design for a Tram-Train which takes into consideration of a permanent magnet scattering. A Tram-Train is a railway vehicle that runs at the maximum speed of 70km/h inExpand
PM arrangement design of PM-assisted synchronous reluctance motors for maximize back-EMF and cogging torque reduction
This paper proposes the optimization of an isotropic ferrite magnet magnetization direction and arrangements to enable reduces the cogging torque and maximize back-EMF of PMA-SynRM. Firstly, fourExpand