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BACKGROUND Treatment of anterior cruciate ligament rupture in adolescents with open physes is controversial. HYPOTHESIS Delaying reconstruction until the physes bridge will affect the rate of additional knee injuries. STUDY DESIGN Case control. METHODS The physes group was 13 adolescents with open physes whose anterior cruciate ligament(More)
The anterior oblique component of the medial collateral ligament of the elbow is the mainstay of joint stability. Fractures of the medial epicondyle must be anatomically reduced, open if necessary. A fibrous union of a minimally displaced fractured medial epicondyle may result in lengthening and functional compromise of the medial collateral ligament.(More)
1. In a study of 595 Little League pitchers, approximately 17% had a history of elbow symptoms: only 1% had elbow symptoms which had ever excluded them from pitching. There was no correlation between the presence of symptoms and years of pitching experience. 2. Some limitation of active extension of the elbow was seen in 12% of the pitchers; however, there(More)
CONTEXT In laboratory trials, nucleic acid amplification tests for the diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) are more accurate than acid-fast bacilli (AFB) smear microscopy and are faster than culture. The impact of these tests on clinical diagnosis is not known. OBJECTIVE To assess the performance of a nucleic acid amplification test, the enhanced Mycobacterium(More)
Two hundred thirty-four consecutive patients with a positive Lachman test underwent examination under anesthesia and diagnostic arthroscopy to include complete evaluation of both posterior menisco-capsular attachments. Knees which had had previous arthrotomy were excluded. Complete repairable posterior menisco-capsular disruptions occurred in 31 of 112(More)
Compression arthrodesis can be used as a salvage procedure in failed total knee replacement. In fourteen patients so treated, the fusion failed in five. As regards the cause of failure, the most important factor was technical inadequacy of the arthrodesis procedure; that is, the required stable fixation and solid bone-to-bone contact. In procedures that we(More)
Eighteen patients (26 knees) giving a history of patellar dislocation and/or subluxation and continued patellar symptoms underwent evaluation to determine the efficacy of their rehabilitation programs. Four-channel cine-electromyography was utilized to assess the relative muscular effort of the vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis obliquus,(More)