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—This paper presents a new edge detection algorithm based on calculating the difference value of two clusters. An edge is defined as a boundary that separates two adjacent regions that are relatively homogenous. For each image pixel, a window is first defined by placing the pixel at the center, and this window is partitioned into two sub-regions(More)
This paper presents a new, simple and effective low-level processing edge detection algorithm based on the law of universal gravity. The algorithm assumes that each image pixel is a celestial body with a mass represented by its grayscale intensity. Accordingly, each celestial body exerts forces onto its neighboring pixels and in return receives forces from(More)
This paper proposes a multi-scale segmentation approach for high resolution remote sensing image (HRRSI) based on the gravitational field and region merging. In this approach, the HRRSI is firstly transformed into a gravitational field by incorporating the spatial and spectral information. Based on which, the attraction among neighboring pixels will cause(More)
Edge detection is one of the key issues in the field of computer vision and remote sensing image analysis. Although many different edge-detection methods have been proposed for gray-scale, color, and multispectral images, they still face difficulties when extracting edge features from hyperspectral images (HSIs) that contain a large number of bands with(More)
In this study, we present the evaluation of urban land carrying capacity (ULCC) based on an ecological sensitivity analysis. Remote sensing data and geographic information system (GIS) technology are employed to analyze topographic conditions, land-use types, the intensity of urban development, and ecological environmental sensitivity to create reasonable(More)
Balancing exploration and exploitation according to evolutionary states is crucial to meta-heuristic search (M-HS) algorithms. Owing to its simplicity in theory and effectiveness in global optimization, gravitational search algorithm (GSA) has attracted increasing attention in recent years. However, the tradeoff between exploration and exploitation in GSA(More)