Genying Zhou

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OBJECTIVE:Based on our previous clinical report of Nd:YAG laser irradiation as the means for deeling with cavernous hemangioma in deep oral-maxillofacial regions, this article detailed futher clinical application of this laser, trying to set up a non-surgical method for treatment of ang ioma. The relationship of laser dosage and therapeutic effect and(More)
BACKGROUND Although a series of histopathological criteria have been suggested, the prediction of the malignant potential of gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) is still difficult. The older literature called all gastrointestinal stromal tumors smooth muscle tumors or mixed GIST with true smooth muscle tumors. Reports on GIST including homogeneous cases(More)
Malignant melanoma is a kind of tumor with higher malignant and lower therapeutic is demonstrated by experiment that melanoma cells have antigenicity and refer to immunology.BCG is a kind of biologic response modifier(BRM).it is able to promote physical antitumor ability.There were 42 patients with oral and maxillofacial malignant melanoma who(More)
OBJECTIVE In order to search a safer argon laser photodynamic method, this study used 488 nm wavelength and common mixed spectrum argon laser PDT for treating Port Wine Stain. The therapeutic effects and side effect were compared. METHODS Fifty two cases of PWS were divided into two groups randomly. Argon laser PDT by two ways of laser irradiation were(More)
OBJECTIVE Twenty cases of PWS were measured by means of Derma Spectrometer with the goal of estimating PWS condition. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty patients of PWS were chosen randomly in this study. Derma Spectrometer was used to detect lesion and control sides pre- and post- laser treatment. RESULTS The mean normal skin's M-Index was (36.18+/-6.45)%,(More)
To gain further knowledge about features of Maraca mulatto's TMJ,occlusion,and teeth,we underwent examining 4 rhesus monkeys with 8 joints.The same and different features were concluded between Maraca mulatto's anatomical structures and human begins.Afterwards,10 aged rhesus monkeys with 20 joints were examined by TMJ arthroscopy.The results showed that the(More)
OBJECTIVES In order to explore an ideal PWS treatment, which could destroy the capillary of lesion without any damage to skin. Based on principle of improving elective therapeutic efficacy of photodynamic therapy, new Krypton laser PDT was introduced to this preliminary clinical trial. MATERIALS AND METHODS The absorptive spectrum was measured on(More)
OBJECTIVE:There were 13 cases underwent operation.24 cases underwent cryosurgery only and 70 cases received comprehensive management,which as cryosurgery,operation,chemotherapy and immuno-therapy.RESULTS:The 3'and 5' year survival rate of three groups were 0.0%,0.0%,37.50%,31.25% and 57.14%,36.07%.There are significant differences between operation group(More)
OBJECTIVE:To investigate the change effects of rabbit facial nerve after Nd:YAG laser irradiation.METHODS: According to therapeutic laser energy density,the facial nerves of 28 rabbits were irradiated by Nd:YAG laser with 5 different laser dosages.RESULTS: The facial nerves were functionally intact with mild degeneration histologically at three weeks(More)
  • Genying Zhou
  • Zhonghua bing li xue za zhi = Chinese journal of…
  • 1989
91 cases of membranous glomerulonephritis were investigated with light, electron and immunofluorescence microscopy. The findings indicated that 12 of 91 renal biopsies in membranous glomerulonephritis showed mesangial cell proliferation in various extent. The mesangial cell proliferation, segmental sclerosis and glomerular capillary adhesion to Bowmen's(More)