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A case of neurinoma affecting the intracranial part of the hypoglossal nerve is reported. Symptoms and signs, radiological findings, and operative results of other cases are reviewed. The value of computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in local diagnosis and the feasibility of a one-stage operation for total removal of tumors with(More)
We report the long-term follow up of a growing skull fracture treated by duraplasty and cranioplasty with artificial dura mater and methylmethacrylate. The patient had undergone duraplasty and cranioplasty 19 years earlier at the age of 1 year and 11 months old. We examined the growth of the skull and the long-term adaptation between his own skull and(More)
Two patients with verified meningiomas involving the posterior part of the falx and the midline tentorium extending into the pineal region are reported. Preoperative angiography disclosed occlusion of the straight sinus in both patients. The operative results are described, and the safety of surgical occlusion of the galenic system is discussed.
A ruptured aneurysm at the origin of the bilateral pericallosal arteries with an anomalous anterior cerebral artery was found in a 56-year-old man. The abnormal solitary anterior cerebral artery arose from the intracranial proximal internal carotid artery, passed underneath the ipsilateral optic nerve, and turned upward at the midline as a common trunk of(More)
A 50-year old woman with a giant parapharyngeal meningioma extending from the intracranial cavity was admitted to our hospital. The parapharyngeal tumor was biopsied using the transoral approach and a histological section diagnosis suggested meningioma. Thereafter, further examination by magnetic resonance images (MRI) and contrast enhanced CT scans(More)
A case of medulloblastoma with extracranial metastases was reported. A 20-year-old woman was operated on for cerebellar medulloblastoma twice during the past 5 years and a half. Two years after the second operation, she revealed the metastases to the cervical, axillar and inguinal lymphnodes, and to the skeletal system, such as the skull, scapula, humerus,(More)
A case of 26-year-old female with malignant astrocytoma was described. Intracerebral hemorrhage appeared in apoplectic fashion on two occasions and surgery was done after each attack. At the first operation, a hematoma in the right putaminal region was totally evacuated and a specimen from the cavity wall showed tumor cells which could not be classified(More)
Two rare cases of neurenteric cysts with meningomyelocele and meningocele were treated. The mechanism of the development of these anomalies is discussed. It is considered that the terminal, dorsal part of the enteric fistula, which is produced between the endoderm and the ectoderm through a partially duplicated notochord in the development of the embryo,(More)