Genvieve Yen

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The rat Zfhep gene encodes a member of the Zfh family of transcription factors having a homeodomain-like sequence and multiple zinc fingers. We examined expression of Zfhep in the rat forebrain during embryonic and postnatal development. Zfhep mRNA was strongly expressed in the progenitor cells of the ventricular zone around the lateral ventricles on E14(More)
Interactions between gonadal steroid hormones and glutamatergic neurons participate in limbic and hypothalamic functions. Glutamate receptors are divided into metabotropic and ionotropic receptors. Among ionotropic receptors, N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) is involved in a variety of neurophysiological processes. In turn, NMDA receptors are composed of(More)
Chloride ion (Cl-) effects on chloroperoxidase (CPO)-catalyzed peroxidation of catechol were used to probe the involvement of Cl- in CPO reactions. High concentrations of Cl- inhibit catechol peroxidation by competing with hydrogen peroxide (KI = 370 mM). However, at lower concentrations, Cl- is a linear competitive activator versus catechol (KDC = 35 mM).(More)
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