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The Assessment of Banking Performances- Indicators of Performance in Bank Area
Profitability is a management concept with the objective of assessment bank's results from efficiency point of view both for entirely activity and for differently management compounds.From conceptualExpand
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Analysis Of The Impact Of Insurance Sector On Total Investments In Romania
This paper is mainly focused on a key topic of economic literature, respectively the link between insurance instruments and total investments at macroeconomic level. Thus, the study includes theExpand
The vulnerability of enterprise and the operating financial balance
In the light of functional analysis, the company is vulnerable if used, for the most time part, to financing through bank loans in the short term. This item is highlighted by the study compared ofExpand
The Role of Foreign Banks in Ensure Performance the Romanian Banking System
Although most banks report high levels for overdue and doubtful loans, the overall quality of these portfolios fall favorable European context, the degree of provisioning of bad loans in Romania isExpand
Improvement of Social Infrastructure
The specific objective of this area of intervention is to improve the quality of healthcare infrastructure and territorial division - their regional balance in the country, to ensure equal access ofExpand
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Annual Financial Statements the Final Products of Accounting
Being a tool and a first class social stake in decision making, accounting language should be understood by all users in the national area, but also across national borders, which requires anExpand
Annual Financial Statements and the Financial Information Supply
Financial statements are a structural representation of the financial position, financial performance and cash flows of an enterprise. Their main objective is to provide useful information to a wideExpand
Financial Risk Part of Efficiency Rate Variation Related to Equity
Every enterprise develops the activity using both equity and borrowed capital, different one by the other through the generated/engendered costs. The financial risk determines the variability ofExpand
Treasury cash flows in the enterprise
Treasury allows to appreciate the enterprise's performance, having also a strategic role in terms of its training level and usage manners. Release (training) of treasury (cash-flow) is the proof ofExpand
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The Analysis of Restrictions System in the Financial Position Management and Financial Performances of the Company
The „The analysis of restrictions system in the financial position management and financial performances of the” topic has as main purpose the optimal analysis of the presentation and measurement ofExpand