Gentle Wong

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INTRODUCTION Floseal(®) can be of value in reducing blood loss and haematoma rates. The manufacturer's warnings include allergic reaction, poor wound healing and intravascular thrombosis. We aimed to determine whether Floseal(®) is safe to use in various head and neck surgery procedures. METHODS A prospective trial was conducted using Floseal(®) in 42(More)
INTRODUCTION Radiofrequency ablation treatment of the tongue base can be used either alone or as part of a multilevel approach in the treatment of snoring. This involves the generation of thermal energy around the circumvallate papillae of the tongue. Potential complications include ulceration, dysphagia, haematoma and abscess formation. PRESENTATION OF(More)
INTRODUCTION Since the discovery of the first documented case of Paecilomyces in 1963, only five cases of Paecilomyces sinusitis have been described to date and all of them have predisposing factors such as immunocompromised status or prior nasal surgery. We present the first case of Paecilomyces lilacinus sinusitis in a fit young woman with no identified(More)
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