Gentaro Okada

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OBJECTIVE Oral-cavity feeding movements were analyzed during sucking and used to modify a Hotz-type plate to facilitate sucking in infants with cleft lip and palate. DESIGN Sucking movements were analyzed using lateral view cine radiography as three adults fed from a bottle. A Hotz-type plate was then modified to better isolate the oral cavity and to(More)
PURPOSE Since tooth loss may be considered to affect postural control, the aim of this study was to compare body balance control among samples of edentulous and dentate community-dwelling elderly subjects. MATERIALS AND METHODS A case control study was conducted using test and control groups matched by age, gender, body fat, and muscle composition. The(More)
Human malignant melanoma was transplanted to the cheek pouch of immunosuppressed (corticosteroid-treated) hamsters. Significant differences were observed in tumor growth constants for animals treated with methotrexate, DTIC, BCNU, and vincristine (P < 0.05) compared to controls. However, no appreciable effect was demonstrated for Adriamycin, 5-FU, and(More)
An epidemiological investigation of osteoporosis was carried out in a community in which fishing is the primary industry, and correlations were investigated between the bone mass and various risk factors for osteoporosis and biochemical findings. In 852, who could be examined directly, of the 3541 males and females aged 40 years or above living in Nansei(More)
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