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A multiple-image encryption and authentication approach by space multiplexing has been proposed. The redundant spaces in the previous security systems employing sparse representation strategy are optimized. With the proposal the information of multiple images can be integrated into a synthesized ciphertext that is convenient for storage and transmission.(More)
A highly selective method is presented for the colorimetric determination of dopamine (DA) using gold nanoparticles (AuNPs). DA caps on the surface of AuNPs (DA-AuNPs) induces the aggregation of AuNPs in alkaline solution. The DA-AuNPs are modified by the hydrolysate of thioglycolic acid (TGA(2)(-)) through Au-S bonds. The aggregation of AuNPs is(More)
The upconversion luminescence (UCL) enhancement based on the surface plasmonic resonance (SPR) of noble metals is a promising way to improve UCL efficiency. However, it is still a challenge to achieve stable and effective UCL enhancement. Here, we present the preparation of the porous Ag/YVO4:Yb(3+), Er(3+) composite film via a simple double annealing(More)
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